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Discovery Box

Unveil the world of scents with our elegant white Discovery Box. Inside, you'll find all five fragrances from our first collection, each in a convenient 2ml bottle. Explore the full spectrum of our fragrances, all in one sophisticated package.

When you fall in love with one of our fragrances, bring home the Scenceptional box, which includes a generous 50ml bottle of your chosen perfume. The best part? You can subtract the cost of the Discovery Box from the Scenceptional box with your unique discount code.

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Brand vision

SCENTCEPTION is a niche fine fragrance brand with purpose, personality and a story to tell, which brings alive the idea to smell consciously.

At the heart of "Smell Consciously" lies a profound philosophy – one that recognizes the intricate interplay between our olfactory senses and the most intimate corners of our minds. By cultivating the ability to smell consciously, we unlock a gateway to a happier and better version of ourselves. With each inhale, we breathe in the potential for emotional balance, mental clarity, and lasting memories. Click below to know more!

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