Scented Trip to Geneva, Switzerland

Scented Trip to Geneva, Switzerland

Make a conscious effort to smell well when embarking on a trip, it helps. And now, when travelling is kind of a challenge, we are inviting you to a scented trip: so concentrate, visualise in front of your eyes small charming streets of Geneva and let's go! Our journey is starting now:

1. In Geneva, one of the best things that can happen to a tourist walking on the street of its old town is to perceive the scent of melted cheese wafting out from some restaurant on the road where they serve Raclette or fondue, these delicious Swiss dishes.

2. An apéro with swiss wine, Chasselas, served with delicious smelling and tasting gruyère at hotel Bergues is among my itinerary of stops to make when in the city of Geneva as the feeling is mind-blowing. Chasselas wine have usually a nice mineral note that combines perfectly to a mature slightly nutty smelling Gruyere.

3. This little town of Geneva revolves around the lake Léman and has breathtaking views of Mont-Blanc, the widely acclaimed Jet d'eau and the beautiful white swans. This scintillating view of the mountains and the aquatic-green smell of the lake makes it just perfect to walk by. A fresh ozonic smelling breeze comes from the Mountains.

4. One of the reasons Nadia loves this city is because of its creamy chocolate: her absolute favorite is Haselnüssli from Sprüngli which has a combination of toasted hazelnut, caramel and crunchy with dark slightly bitter chocolate, yummy. She is always saying that it is her smell of Switzerland!

Haselnüssli, Sprüngli, and how does Switzerland smell for you?

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